How to Flirt With Women

How to Flirt With Women
How to Flirt With Women

When a man is trying to figure out how to flirt with women, he needs to consider which techniques are effective and ones that are not. Many men make their own way through in flirting and realizing that some generally don’t work, they have to change them.

Effort and Hints

Some men have an easy time at flirting. They are playful and make it clear very early on in the encounter that they are interested. It’s all done in a lighthearted manner without putting any inhibitions on. It’s almost as though it’s meant to happen naturally!

There is a tendency for these men to be very direct with the girl in a very charming way. For example, if a very attractive man will hint to a very pretty girl that he would like to spend time alone with her, the pretty girl might respond with a coy smile and perhaps even give in.

The point is that a woman has to feel at ease with the stranger who is offering to pay for her meals, and be prepared to accept without over reacting if he is only offering small gifts such as an expensive mixed green salad rather than offering her flowers.

In fact, there is no point in flirting with women for the first encounter at least as long as it doesn’t look like flirting is all that it is.

Using Talking manipulating phrases such as teasing bidding to get her attention, which is very attractive to some women, such as making a comment upon how beautiful she is and such. But beware men who use cheap knock backs such as ‘you seem a bit callous for a sort of thing like that’. This is the type of phrase that can be misconstrued by women as harassment rather than a compliment.

It is ‘intended to annoy’ rather than an appreciation. Don’t be too quick to offer compliments as they are more effective when the person offering them is not particularly attractive.

Don’t be mean

Yes, if you are highly attracted to the man you are flirting with you can be as mean as you like, and point out to him in a devious manner exactly how undesirable you think he is. You might humour him at first, but eventually he will get fed up and leave you.

As flirting is meant to be fun, you must never refer to someone as a ‘thing’ as in a negative sense. Such words do have a negative connotation and you risk scaring away a potential partner before you have even had a chance to get to know him.

Most good flirters would rather that people use the word ‘like’ when talking about someone to make a compliment, because they think that it suits expressing to the other person that they are in some way ‘interested’.

Things which are done to be humorous

Flirting is not only about teasing and complimenting, but about poking fun at the other person. Telling jokes is one way to take flirting to the next level, but you must keep to a certain limit or you will end up sounding silly. It is like a form of anxiety which is very natural to everyone.

Indeed, flirting is meant to be humorous, just be careful that you don’t go over the top and come across as somebody who is not taking you seriously.

Remember these few points to stay away from the ‘flirting minefield’ and you will more easily be able to flirt with women, and achieve your intended results.