Why You Can’t Stop Thinking of a Certain Guy? Here Is Why You Keep Attracting Him


Attracting – Are you searching for the guy of your dreams? Are things not working out for you in the relationship world?


You are not alone in this if you cannot stop thinking of the guy of your dreams. But why is it that when you have your eyes set on a particular guy, you cannot seem to get enough of him?

You walk up to the next guy you would like to attract and you find it is not quite the guy who was attracting you before.

Why is it that when you want to attract something or someone, you keep thinking of that thing or someone, that isn’t really there?

What is going on here?

I have a good friend who has been single for a number of years. She has tried almost everything to get a boyfriend.

She believes she would become happier and be more successful at attracting men if she were just vigilant about keeping her body in shape. She believes that if she does not satisfy her body in the way she would like, it will be harder for a man to find her attractive. And I believe she is right. If she does not satisfy her body in the way she would like, it will be harder for her to find a man and have the relationship she would really want.

I am sure you have heard that not all men like a “Miss sure,” or a “Miss perfect” and that not all men like a delicate and shy woman. We all like a few flaws, why do we keep attracting the wrong men and keeping the good men out?


I am sure you have heard, this saying – “the rich gets richer.” And this has held true for the last couple of centuries. Men that were smart enough to leave wealth whenever they wished found a much easier way of keeping it.

And why is it that when it comes to attracting the right man, more women focus on keeping themselves in perfect shape, making themselves attractively beautiful and unwilling to focus on other things about their personality that might interfere with attracting the right man?

I am quite sure you know this is not how to attract a man. You need to find a man that truly loves you and finds your personality more attractive. Men that think “I can have her do what I want, no matter how she acts” are the same type of men that leave wealth on the table for women that give up their own desires in favor of what a man wants, even at the expense of their own success.

Finally, why do so many women fail at relationships and become single, while many men remain single or in a relationship with no intention of giving up their single life?

Maybe it is because they are trying to be what they think a man wants, even at the expense of their own desires. And unfortunately, I have encountered women who do exactly that. They do whatever it takes to please a man; they do whatever it takes to keep a man coming back for more without really focusing on what men really want.

I believe it is important to focus on what you truly want, to live a life that disgusts you least, and to find a man you can have a real relationship with Attracting .

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